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Heroes Journey's story will lead the player to encounter enemies, all of which will test his skills, and many times the player will lose. He will require his party members to become stronger. Progression and character improvement via the home castle, where a number of buildings provide bonuses to the heroes stats and can be upgraded by spending the loot earned in battle, or buying potions to replenish health or mana, which can be used in battle. This presents the player with a choice: Which stats should he favour for his party or should he stock up on potions, due to health regenerating only based on the building bonuses after battle. Happy adventuring! :)

IMPORTANT! IF any issues are encountered on starting a new game after having an already saved previous one - like for example, not loading you the next encounter after you defeat one such, well simply (and I apologize for that issue) go to the game's folder > save_data folder and delete the game_data file. Issue to be fixed soon... :)


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